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Are you happy with your emotional health?
What about your mental health?

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In this workbook you'll learn why creating healthy boundaries is the key to living your best life now!


Because of course...

If we don't take care of ourselves we feel energetically depleted which can lead to stress, chronic fatigue, physical pain, and emotional overload.



When you honor your own needs, you will be rejuvenated to be your best self.


This workbook will support you to...

Create self-awareness for you and your self-care habits.

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Self-care is the foundation of setting healthy boundaries.

The purpose of boundaries is to protect your highest values so that you can enjoy fulfilling relationships and live your best life!

Do you have difficulty saying "NO" to family members, friends or co-workers and say "YES" due to guilt or obligation?

I wrote this workbook for you.

Practicing good self-care is the ultimate gift you can give to yourself - and the people around you.

  • You'll be prompted to reflect on your PHYSICAL health, including for example: your sleeping, eating, and exercise habits.
  • You'll reflect on your EMOTIONAL health, including for example past traumas, perceptions of self worth, and life balance.
  • You'll be challenged to think deeply about your SPIRITUAL health, including the place of meditation, prayer, & faith-based practices.

And that's just the beginning of what's covered in this comprehensive, value-packed 10-page free workbook.

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Hello! I'm Martha...

Holistic Physical Therapist, Life Coach & Boundaries Expert

I help women over 40 move from stress, overwhelm, and the inability to say "NO" to saying "YES" to what matters most so that they can live a life with more freedom, peace, and joy in their relationships, business, and life.

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Isn't it time to make yourself and your health a priority?

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What's Inside:


⦿ Self-Care Checklist.

Your physical, mental, spiritual, and professional health assessment. It's time to be super honest with yourself and benchmark these aspects of your life.

⦿ Journal Prompts.

Grab your favorite notebook or digital app and get ready to be inspired as you engage in a little self-discovery. 

⦿ Healthy Boundaries Tips

Have you ever worried that saying "no" will hurt or offend others? I get that. This guide will encourage you to think differently about the purpose of boundaries.

Here's What Others Are Saying...

Amber T.

Martha's Self-care workbook really helped me identify the areas of my life where my self-care was lacking.  The workbook helped me highlight the reasons for some of the guilt I experience when I try to set boundaries. I highly recommend this workbook!"

Susan D.

Compassionate, individualized, knowledgeable care is offered by this gifted physical therapist & coach. Martha addresses the whole person.


Self-care is not about going to the spa, but putting your health as a priority. It means setting healthy boundaries with yourself, listening to your body, being present and taking care of your mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual health.

The Result? 

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Ready to start making yourself and your health a priority?

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