How Comfortable Are You at Communicating Boundaries?

Discover your boundary communication style today...


Unlock Key Insights to Revitalize Your Physical and Emotional Health and Enhance Relationships

Discover how you currently show up in relationships and access opportunities for healing, balance, and personal growth.

Gauge your boundary communication style by taking our quick and easy complimentary quiz. Take a few moments to answer 10 questions to see where you’re at with boundaries. 

Harness the results to cultivate more effective communication and better boundary mastery. Come to understand your unique boundary communication patterns and how to navigate challenging relationships with ease and grace.

What You Can Expect:


Increased Boundary Awareness and Awakening

You will gain deep insights and recognize the need to reflect on boundaries or lack thereof in your life. Your personal boundary quiz results will reveal how well you currently communicate boundaries and uncover opportunities for improvement.


Recognizing Your Patterns in Relationships

You will realize that certain personal relationships in your life would benefit greatly by setting healthy boundaries. Tolerating unacceptable behavior harms your emotional and physical health. Setting boundaries will free you to live a better, more joyful life.


Identify Opportunities to Set Boundaries and Reclaim Peace

There’s a better way forward! And it involves communicating boundaries fearlessly and confidently. Doing so will change the course of your life and heal your relationships. You have the power to redefine complicated relationships in a healthy new way.


Reclaim your power for more peace and better health!

Learn more about your boundary communication style and begin your journey to better boundaries, health, and balance…

Take your first step toward balance and wellness…


YES, You Can…

Manage complex relationships and set healthy boundaries by communicating what you will and WON’T allow.

It’s time to let others know your limits -- once and for all! 


Tell me more about my boundary communication style today

Martha Tassinari is a Holistic Physical Therapist, Certified Life Coach and Boundaries expert.

Martha discovered through her own personal journey and working with  private patients and coaching clients, that more often than not, the root cause of stress, overwhelm, anxiety, and even chronic pain and physical disease was lack of boundaries.

She has helped thousands of  women move from stress, pain, overwhelm, and the inability to say "NO" to saying "YES" to what matters most so they can live a live with more freedom, peace, and joy in their relationships, work, and life!

Creating healthy boundaries is the key to living your best life now!

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