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Holistic Physical Therapist, Life Coach & Boundaries Expert

I help women over 40 move from stress, overwhelm, and the inability to say "NO" to saying "YES" to what matters most so that they can live a life with more freedom, peace, and joy in their relationships, business, and life.


Creating healthy boundaries is the key to living your best life now!


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Who I Serve

Super Woman

You feel pressure to do it all:  juggle career, family and social activities.

You are trying to be everything for everyone and as a result you feel overcommitted, over-whelmed,  and stressed to the max.

You struggle with difficulty sleeping, feeling exhausted, experiencing muscle tension, and pain in your body.

You try so hard to create a work/life balance, but with limited success. 

People Pleaser

You have difficulty saying "NO" due to feelings of guilt, fear of disappointing others or upsetting anyone.

You want to make everyone happy and would rather say "YES" to keep the peace and avoid  conflict at any and all costs.

You put the needs of others before your own, at the expense of your own self-care and physical or emotional health. 

Speaking your truth can be challenging and at times you may pretend to agree to avoid any confrontation.


A family member or someone you care about may be struggling with a physical ailment, mental health, or addiction problem.

You're trying to hold it together and help in the best way you can, but the stress is affecting you emotionally and physically.

You feel responsible and their drama and problem has become the focus of your priorities sidetracking you from your self-care and well-being.

Schedule Your Free Boundary Breakthrough Session

During this free call, we get to know each other and discuss where you are now, what you're struggling with and ultimately where you want to be in your life.

You will:

  • Identify key areas where  you may need to set or strengthen your boundaries.
  • Leave the session feeling empowered and walk away with specific boundary action steps to help you move forward.  



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