How to set boundaries with energetic vampires

How to Set Energetic Boundaries with Energy Vampires

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As women, our lives may vary greatly, but one common thread is that we all have limited energy. And how we manage our energy will directly influence our health and wellness, joy, and ability to achieve balance. Let's dive into this energetically charged topic and learn how to practice conserving energy to thrive and protect your peace, heart, and soul.

Strategies for setting boundaries with energy vampires and other toxic offenders will be beneficial as you move forward on the self-care journey. By following these actionable tips and insights, you can be happy, healthy, and whole.

Maxed Out? Conserving Energy is the Key

We often hear about the conservation of energy in terms of environmental impact, but there are other meanings. Women tend to give and give, sometimes to the point of excess. While noble, we all have limited time and energy to offer, and once it's gone, it's gone. Add to that the fact that most women are juggling endless responsibilities simultaneously.

If you're feeling maxed out or depleted, it's a clear sign that your energy reserves are running low, and you must take heed and start conserving energy  - it's a precious commodity, after all.

The good news -- you get to decide whom you'd like to share your precious time and energy with. And be forewarned, there are people out there looking to manipulate you and steal your time and all the energy you're willing to sacrifice. As long as you're giving and giving, they will continue taking and taking—time to change course for a better way forward.

What is an Energy Vampire?

As a vampire drinks blood from its source, an energy vampire sucks the very life out of you, stealing your energy and unapologetically demanding more than you can comfortably give. Your energy supply is a source for their thriving, and that's disturbing on so many levels. When interacting with a toxic individual, expect to feel exasperated, violated, and depleted, as if your life force has been drained completely. An energy vampire may be the root cause if you're running on empty. Who comes to mind as you are reading this? Take note!

Energetic vampires have an unmistakably toxic energy, and you may find it difficult to avoid them. They may be in your family, workplace, or just about anywhere you interact with people.

Are you going to allow an energy vampire to hoover the life right out of you?

Absolutely not!

This is the ideal time to stand up confidently and communicate your limits.

What are Energetic Boundaries?

Energetic boundaries are like an invisible shield or hedge of protection that we place to safeguard our hearts, soul, and energy from anyone who disturbs our peace. It is yet another way to set limits around what we will allow in our lives and what we won't.

Setting an energetic boundary will keep you safe from toxic demands and attacks to ensure your tank remains full and healthy. Setting energetic boundaries is an act of self-love, self-preservation and a beautiful, healthy step. Celebrate establishing energetic boundaries! It's a gift that keeps on giving (to you)!

Setting Boundaries: Self-Care and Self-Preservation Go Hand in Hand

It's essential to get real to assess your bandwidth to handle or juggle multiple things at the same time.

Do you have the bandwidth necessary to commit to someone's ASK?

Do you have the time, money, energy, or resources to say YES, or should you speak the truth and say NO?

Only YOU can answer those questions.

It's critically important to set limits around what you will tolerate and express them clearly with people who need to be made aware. Without verbalizing your needs, how can you expect people to know? While it may feel uncomfortable initially, you will do it easily and gracefully with practice. Setting boundaries will set you free from the intolerable behaviors of others. Recognize your self-worth and care lovingly for your energy! Here are a few important reminders:

  •  You owe it to yourself to practice consistent self-care
  •  Protect your energy at all costs
  •  Be true to your needs and desires and practice self-preservation with confidence.
  •  You have the right to conserve your energy and manage your life as you see fit.

Self-care and self-preservation are highly complementary, and practicing both means setting boundaries personally, professionally, in love, and in all your relationships. Be unapologetic about these matters because you're worth it!

You'll quickly discover the upside of self-care by reading Why Setting Healthy Boundaries is the Cornerstone of Self-Care.



Fearlessly Protect Your Energy and Start Setting Boundaries

Setting boundaries is your passport to peace and being fulfilled (and full of energy to do the things that matter most).

It's why I've dedicated my life to helping women over 40 move from stress, overwhelm, and the inability to say "NO" to saying "YES" to what matters most so that they can live a life with more freedompeace, and joy in their relationshipsbusiness, and life.

Keep energy vampires at bay! Creating healthy boundaries is the key to living your best life now!

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